NGOs & Social Development

The Maple Management Philosophy

NGOs and Social Development programs play a vital role in society to bring about positive changes, develop rights and empower society to reach their full potential in every segment of life.

Maple Management works with NGOs, philanthropists, donors, and government communities in Pakistan. We believe in sustainability, equality, and dignified living. This is why we provide strategic, self-directed, and sustainable ways of social development.

Bridging the Gaps

With issues such as inequality, social injustice, climate change, and so much more, we strive to enforce positive change from the individual level to the societal.

The government has a huge role to play in shaping societies through effective leadership, which we support with our expert techniques. We can tackle issues such as resource constraints or complications of procedures that cause delays in serving the needs of society.

Non-Governmental Organizations also have a huge role in extending support to society through the provision of services, spreading awareness in the community, or advocating for government support. All this requires effective project designs that can ensure a smooth sailing road to success, which can be achieved through our professional strategies.

What We Do

Maple Management serves NGOs, government institutions, CSR donors, and more by building them expert frameworks of rules and state policies through effective internal democracy, decision-making, and transparency.

We aim to strengthen local organizations in order to strengthen the marginalized and remote communities they operate in using Results-Based Management tools and techniques.

Our blueprints endorse low-cost solutions for sustainable development using positive deviance approaches. We give importance to flexibility, grass-roots orientation, dedication, and commitment.

Our Range of Services

We can provide you with sustainable services for:

    • Program design
    • Project design & development 
    • Strategic & operational planning
    • Governance & structures 
    • Organizational Development – Restructuring, business process reengineering 
    • Office administration and financial management
    • Training & capacity building

With expert experience on the table, we bring you the most cost-effective, sustainable solutions for the progress and development of society using active state-of-the-art plans that evolve with results to achieve the constructive outcomes you’ve wanted to see.