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Boosting performance and productivity requires a combination of management skills and operational solutions. We at Maple, provide the best combination of both to make your business ventures successful. In collaboration with organizations, Maple Management Services (Private) Limited identifies and assesses problems, gathers and analyses information, and provides practical, achievable, and real-time solutions that work best for your business.

Who we are

Maple Management Services (Private) Limited is comprised of highly skilled professionals, sharing collective diversified experience spanning over decades in social development including Education, NGOs & Development, Construction, and Tourism.

Maple Management started out as an independent consultancy firm in the Ontario business program of Canada in July 2008. Contributing to the society it grew and reached out to international borders and registered with the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan in June 2018 under Companies Act 2017 (XIX of 2017).

Maple Management Services (Private) Limited assists organizations in following key areas:

  • Strengthening governance to amplify the transparency, accountability, and efficiency.
  • In-house staff development to boost potential and skills for the benefits of employers.
  • Strategic and operational planning, setting goals, objectives and performance parameters for improved momentum in organization Maple Management also helps organizations in reviewing their existing goals & objectives to align with long-term strategy and directions.
  • institutional development processes and systems
  • Management of programs/projects/departments to gear up productivity and outcomes.
  • Institutional analysis linked to business objectives.
  • Identifying performance gaps and areas of improvements to link with Human Resource Development strategy.

Result Oriented Services That Drive Positive Change

Maple is committed to create value for its clients and associates through - Quality, Innovation and Commitment.


Offering the best mix of personalized experience and expertise to meet the needs of each project and deliver high-quality work.


Our experience and knowledge of best practices help us continuously search for innovative ways to meet your needs & demands.


It is our goal to strive for the highest possible standards of technical excellence and customer service for our clients and business partners.


Maple Management Services concentrates on enhancing effectiveness by generating result-orientated style of management. Result based management philosophy is embedded in services we provide;

If your business needs to improve the transparency and accountability, as well as efficiency by avoiding waste and overlap. RBM approach can help achieve results through informed decision making at every level. Maple Management Services helps you improve performance and productivity by developing strategies in planning, implementation, learning and reporting. Our services range from formulating strategy to designing Programs/Projects to planning operations in Human Resource and others. 

Do you want to build a guide for rules, standards, and processes that will help create value for your organization? Maple Management Services help businesses to fill the gaps between the governing bodies and management by translating strategic directions into action plans in the best interest of the organization. We have a wide variety of governance services, including developing framework for subcommittees and their TORs.


Is your business capable of the alignment of strategies, structures, and management processes to achieve greater effectiveness? If not, certain adroitness from organization is a requirement today and that is achievable by organizational development. Maple Management offers professional solutions ranging from process improvement and implementation support for start-ups, re-engineering and transitioning to implement change, improving workflow efficiency by eradicating problem sources, and third-party independent verification.


Does your business need a Strategic and Operational Planning to put into perspective both the long-term and the short-term objectives? Do you want to set priorities and align the resources, in such a way that leads to the accomplishment of business goals? If so, a clear strategic plan can point out the risks and their potential effects. Maple Management facilitates organizations in developing research and knowledge transfer strategies, contributes and support in research areas to produce knowledge, useable in real life settings.      

Do you need an effective and efficient task force that not only achieve targets on time, but also reduces waste of resources? Only Human Resource Development can provide the employer with highly skilled valuable assets in the form of workers. Maple Management offers human resource planning services including work breakdown structures, job analysis, and workload assessment. As well as skill development trainings to take employees to a higher level of reflecting their skills and knowledge. We focus on weaker links between employees and employers for better organizational performance and results.

Can your business keep up with the ever growing trends, demands and needs of the modern world that is rapidly becoming digital? If not, a digital transformation is highly essential for your businesses. Maple Management offers Enterprise Resource Planning to help you give the best transformational outcomes to turn your business hybrid and get closer to customers, integrate remote and in-person networks, and enhance competitive advantage.

Core Sectors

Maple Management Services has been working with various government and private organizations from different sectors. Our focused sectors include:


Education helps youth to develop essential skills, knowledge and understanding of the professional world as it is important for their growth and ultimately, the economic and social well-being of the society. Therefore, improving educational practices has been a major focus for Maple Management. We strive to achieve excellence in education sector in four key areas:  

  • Quality Education
  • Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)
  • Research & Knowledge Transfer
  • E-learning management system

NGOs & Social Development

We appreciate flexibility, grass-roots orientation, ownership, dedication, and commitment in our designed development process. Our range of services include ;

– Program Design
– Project Design & Development
– Governance & Structures
– Strategic & Operational Planning
– Office Management and Financial Management Procedures

Travel & Tourism

Covid-19 pandemic has brought a variety of travel restrictions for safety concerns. However, travel and tourism still persists due to multiple reasons. Maple Management provides services in accordance with the current health and safety regulations in the following scope:

  • Cultural & religious travel plans
  • Health/Medical travel plans
  • Educational travel plans
  • Business travel plans
  • Customized tours – inbound & outbound
  • Air Tickets

Construction (Residential)

Housing prices nowadays are touching the sky while resources are limited. New sustainable housing models that reduce the cost of construction and maintenance have replaced the outdated expensive models. Maple Management offers professional services for low-cost residential construction designs. We offer the following range of services:


  • Architectural design
  • Construction materials
  • Supervised construction
  • Design & decoration

Why Choose Us?

Maple Management services offers the best solutions for organizations in following categories;

  • Assessment and identification of problems.
  • Gathering and analysing data and information.
  • Providing technically workable solutions acceptable to stakeholders.
  • Providing essential management and operational solutions for improved performance and productivity.
  • Create value for its clients through quality, innovation and commitment.

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